Clean Eating Organic (CEO) is a food blog with simple recipes using affordable organic ingredients. We are not about matcha powder or goji berries but rather local organic potatoes and blueberries appeal much more to us. We hit a farmer’s market in Summer-Fall months and get to know our farmer. During Winter-Spring we shop in regular grocery stores for the best organic deal in town. And don’t worry, we will share.

Why Organic? We explain here in a nutshell.

And what is Clean Eating? Shortly, it is consuming food in its most natural state preferably grown without pesticides and raised without antibiotics, growth hormones & GMOs. Thus, eating not only clean but also organic was a no brainer. We have kids too, so many recipes are created with the most important people in mind. Check out our Recipes.

We believe in happy life and what life would be happy without a glass of wine and a piece (or two) of dark chocolate. All organic of course. We will share our favourites and where to buy in Marketplace.

We will show you how to cut spaghetti squash without loosing a few fingers. And how to shop organically at stores like Trader Joe’s, Costco and Target. Also how to make 3 meals from one whole chicken. Check out How To’s.

And the best part – we do it all on a budget and will share how you can too. Just like you, our kids are expensive and we do not grow a money tree.

All of this for you and it is free, here on Clean Eating Organic or simply CEO of Your Health as we like to refer to ourselves. Just please be patient since we are still a baby. Come back often and spread a word about us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Your health starts with a fork.

Clean Eating Organic

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