Carrot Ginger Juice

carrot ginger juice

This carrot ginger juice with pineapple and lemon is to die for! Kids might not share your opinion but it is not always about them, right?! This juice is sweet, refreshing and has a nice bite to it. This is the juice you would pay $5 for in a cafe and at home probably $1.

Food is really our medicine! My latest two obsessions are turmeric and ginger. Both have anti-inflammatory properties as well as immune boosting and so many more. Ginger is known for easing nausea that is why ginger ale. Whoa, don’t reach for a can yet. Did you know commercial ginger ale contains barely any ginger if any?! Not to mention all GMOs, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Ginger is also known for its detoxifying and parasite killing properties. carrot ginger juice

Buy fresh organic ginger root (most non-organic root is grown in China with lack of food quality control in a corrupted environment). Wash and there is no need to peel it. Just snap off a piece and add to your carrot ginger juice. Use a size that you think you can handle. It is spicy! No need to peel or seed a lemon slice either. Get all vitamins and nutrients.

Carrots are mostly known for their ability to improve vision. They also contain a load of antioxidants. Carrots help prevent cancer, aging, infection and stroke. And pineapples with carrots are a match made in heaven.

Enjoy this glorious carrot ginger juice and save $5!

Carrot Ginger Juice




2 cups water
1 cup pineapple chunks, frozen or fresh
1 large carrot, cut in chunks
1 inch ginger
1 lemon slice


Wash all ingredients well and do not peel. Skin contains many nutrients.
Add all ingredients to a blender and press Juice or just blend until smooth.
Enjoy immediately chilled.

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