How to Cut Squash Without Losing a Finger

how to cut squash
Squash is a wonderful meaty Fall harvest vegetable that is great for making stews, stuffing it and baking. Cutting squash can be hard. Peeling it even harder. These are main reasons, besides disliking the taste, why many people do not cook squash often. We have a few family members who confessed.

Today we will show you how to cut squash, end up with a tasty meal and all of your 10 fingers attached.

  1. Place rubber mat under the cutting board and a towel on top to reduce sliding and to cut squash
  2. Get long serrated knife aka bread to cut squash
  3. Cut through squash’s skin all around.
    how to cut squash
  4. Use meat tenderizer to dig knife in the squash flesh, if to cut squash
  5. Split open.
    how to cut squash

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